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DBS Check FAQs

Can an individual apply for a check?

Definitely NO.

The legal requirement is for an organisation to check their workers before placing in certain sensitive positions.

An individual can’t check themselves out and the final disclosure certificate states the… Name of the applicant, the position held and the organisation that employs and is responsible for placing them.

How can an organisation apply for checks on their workers?

Contacting Cloisters who will forward a prospectus that includes application forms and instructions.

How do I get help to fill in the forms?

Call Cloisters and their trained countersignatories will guide you through the forms etc.

How long do the disclosures last?

Legally forever as long as the worker has had no break in service! An organisation can however re check at any time if needed contractually or if they feel thet should like them updated. A guide of every of 3 yrs is often quoted but not mandatory!

How long does the checking process take?

Cloisters complete their checking processing in 1/2 days for correctly completed forms. The average for the DBS to process is 7/10 days but can vary considerable depending upon the applicant’s history, The number of names, addresses changes, warnings and convictions can add to the time. The DBS quite rightly say “The process is very detailed and takes as long as it takes to get it correct!